Titans Who Won The Battle For Gujarat: IPL 2022


Titans Who Won The Battle For Gujarat: IPL 2022

The Gujarat Titans won the Indian Premier League after beating the Rajasthan Royals in the final game of their first season. Because of this, Gujarat became one of only two teams, along with Rajasthan, to win the title in their first season. In 2008, Rajasthan won the competition, even though most people thought they were the worst team. They did it by beating everyone they played against and claiming victory. Gujarat, the winner of the competition this year, used a very similar plan.

Because the Gujarat Titans did so well in the first season of the Indian Premier League, a lot of people will never forget that season. While playing in the league, this team has seen a number of players who could change the game. Check out the list below to see who came in first, second, third, and fifth.

According to ipl top newsHardik Pandya was the captain of the Gujarat Titans, and he helped the team do well. Before joining the league, the team had already won 10 of its 14 games. At every game, someone on the team stepped up and took charge.

The top five GT performances:

  • Mohamad Shami

That season, Gujarat was in every game from the first ball because of an experienced bowler named Mohammed Shami. His accuracy and experience kept Gujarat in the game. Mohammed Shami finished with 20 wickets after playing in 16 games. He was in charge of bowling during the important “powerplay” and “death overs.” Even when he was bowling at the start and end of an inning, which are the most stressful times, Shami’s economy rate was only 8.

  • Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is from Afghanistan and is thought to be one of the best T20 bowlers in the world. That season, he had continued to show how good he is.

Rashid Khan’s played 16 games, and in those games he took 19 wickets. It was found that his economy per person was 6.60. Rashid also struck out more than 200 percent of the time when he was at the plate. He only had 44 balls to hit during the whole tournament, but he still scored 91 runs. Rashid’s performance against Hyderabad, in which he scored 31 runs off of 11 balls, was the deciding factor in the team’s win.

  • Rahul Tewatia

Rahul Tewatia won the tournament. In 16 games, he scored 217 runs, which was the most of any player. His overall average was 31, and 147.62 percent of his throws were good. Gujarat’s last-over wins and smooth progress into the playoffs were made possible by Tewatia’s lightning-fast innings.

  •  David Miller

During the IPL, Killer-Miller played in 16 games and averaged over 68 runs per game. He scored 481 runs. During this time, his strike rate was 142.73, and he scored two quick 50s with the bat. He also had a perfect average when he bowled. Miller was a batter, and in nine of the 16 innings he played, he did not get out.

  • Hardik Pandya

Pandya, who bats in the middle of the order, scored 487 runs in 15 games. At this point, his strike rate was 131.27 percent, and he had four scores of 50 or more. Pandya had a health problem that kept him from bowling as well as he could before the tournament. Even though he bowled slowly, he still managed to get 8 wickets in 15 games.

During this time, his economy was in worse shape than an 8 out of 10. Hardik helped keep Rajasthan to 17 runs in the game that decided who won the championship. He also took three wickets. Because of this, Gujarat was able to win because they were able to get their goal done quickly and easily.

After going through the facts on the top Gujarat Titans performers, the next piece will concentrate on the top run scorers for the Gujarat Titans during the whole season.

  •  Shubhaman Gill

This season, the Punjab hitter who became renowned throughout India for his heroics against Australia at the Gabba in whites has been brilliant for GT. Because he has scored 402 runs in 13 innings, which is sufficient for an average of 33.50, he is the highest run scorer for the club. In addition to having a batting average of 96, Gill has hit four half-centuries for the side he plays for. He has a very strong record of making hits, as seen by his batting average of.135.35 points.

Now, this piece will go over a couple of the reasons why Gujarat Titans have been so successful this year.

  • Scores were tallied from several sources.

There are now five players on Gujarat’s roster who have scored over 200 runs in a single season. Their leading run scorer, Shubman Gill, is among the top five candidates for the Orange Cap with a total of slightly over 400 runs.

Two GT openers, two middle-order batters, and one lower-order batsman, Rahul Tewatia, have scored 200+ runs in a game. This indicates that runs have been scored by batters in a variety of roles, which has been a key factor in their consistent success.

Rashid Khan nevertheless managed to win the game with the bat when all the other batters had failed.

  • Two of the Top Initiators

With 25 powerplay overs wickets in 13 games, Gujarat Titans have the most of any side this season.

Of their total 18 wickets, 11 were taken by Indian spearhead Mohammed Shami in the first six overs.

In 13 games, Shami took wickets just twice, demonstrating that he has been their most reliable performance. His highest bowling total is 3/25.

Gujarat’s greatest strength is the reliability of their powerplay bowler, who has consistently taken early wickets for them this season.

Whilst this was happening, he had the help of Lockie Ferguson and Yash Dayal.

Just three teams in this year’s IPL have scored more over 500 runs in the death overs (overs 16-20)—the Rajasthan Royals, Gujarat Titans, and the Lucknow Super Giants. RR’s middle-order has been very productive, scoring 570 runs during this time to lead the pack, followed by LSG (533 runs) and GT (533 runs).

CSK, now in ninth position, has likewise amassed 487 runs in this time frame. But they were unable to capitalize during the powerplay’s final minutes.

Only the Giants, the Titans, and the Royals (the Rajasthan version) have been in the top five lists for runs scored in both the powerplay and death overs, which is a vital component in the T20 format.


Although they did not have any players in the race for Orange or Purple caps, the Titans are nonetheless a formidable opponent. If they succeed, they’ll be the first side to win the championship in their debut year since Shane Warne’s RR did it in the first year of competition.

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