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Netflix Tricks and Tips for Apple users

Netflix is undoubtedly the streaming giant, but there’s always room for improvement. If you want to take your streaming experience to the next level, here are some tricks and tips. Although these are for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, most of the tricks also work on Android or Windows devices.

Take a look at how you can add a spark to your online movie or TV shows viewing experience.

Create individual Profiles

Most people share their Netflix accounts with family members. The problem is when kids are involved. Also, you and your sibling may have different interests.

With everyone using the same profile, the recommendations on your feed will be completely messed up.

The solution to this is creating different profiles for different people. Doing this, the recommendations will be sorted according to the respective profiles.

You can create a profile by opening Netflix > clicking the drop-down menu > clicking on Manage Profiles > and clicking on Add Profile.

However, this trick might soon become redundant because Netflix is doing away with password sharing. Therefore, everyone will need to have personal accounts.

Download & Watch Offline

Who watches TV anymore? A Netflix subscription is more than enough to keep you glued to your screens and receive your daily dose of entertainment. From Netflix originals to popular TV series and movies, the streaming giant ensures to update its content library, so you always have new content to consume.

The only issue is that you might not always have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection, especially when you are traveling. The solution to this is downloading your favorite content and watching them offline. To learn how to do this, click

Remove your Viewing History

You can hide your viewing history if you share your Netflix account with your family members and don’t want them to know what you are watching.

You can do this by clicking on the drop-down arrow > clicking on Account > clicking on Viewing Activity under My Profile > clicking on Hide Icon. This will help you maintain your privacy, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed about your viewing choices.

Use the My List Option

Of course, Netflix loves serenading users by offering them recommendations based on their viewing behavior. But, unfortunately, you cannot always trust Netflix’s algorithms, no matter how advanced they are.

You can manually add them to the My List option to ensure you don’t miss out on an exciting TV show or movie. You can add any series/movie to My List by finding the content and clicking My List.

Whatever content you add here will automatically sync across your devices where you use the same Netflix account.

If you want to make any changes to the list, click on My List from the top navigation > hover your trackpad or mouse pointer > delete the content or rearrange them from My List.

Request TV Shows or Movies

If you fail to find the TV show or movie you want to watch, you can send a request to Netflix.

Launch the app > tap the drop-down button > click on Help Center > click on Request TV Shows or Movies under Quick Links. You can request three titles at a time.

Although there’s no guarantee that you will find the content request in Netflix’s library, this is a ray of hope.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are watching Netflix on your Mac, the shortcuts are:

  • F for full-screen and Esc to exit the full-screen mode.
  • M for mute and unmute.
  • Spacebar for playing or pausing.
  • Shift + Left Arrow or Shift + Right Arrow for rewinding or fast-forwarding the movie or show.
  • Shift + Up Arrow and Shift + Down Arrow for increasing and decreasing the volume.

If you watch Netflix on your iPad or iPhone, you can use screen taps to fast-forward or rewind.

Unblock Content using VPN

If you are traveling outside of the USA and want to continue watching your favorite shows, you can use VPN. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions and competition between other streaming platforms, Netflix cannot show certain content outside specific countries or regions.

This problem can be solved quickly by using a reliable VPN service. Download and install the app, choose your subscription plan, and select the country server to get started.

Delete Downloads

If your device is running slower than normal, it might be that the downloaded Netflix content is taking up too much storage space. You can optimize your device’s performance by deleting downloads.

Delete downloads by tapping on More > App Settings > Delete All Downloads.

If you wish to delete a specific show or movie, tap Downloads > Movie/Show > Edit > Delete.

The Bottom Line

These Netflix hacks will take your viewing experience to the next level and ensure you are having a great time. You can either stream content online or watch them offline by downloading your favorite shows and movies.

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