Kickass (Movie Review)

In the film, Dave and his friend Todd move into a hoboken apartment, where they work at a comic book store and a fast food joint. They are not exactly the most ideal neighbors, and Dave believes that his family is in serious trouble, but his friends encourage him to continue his criminal activities. Despite the gang-related violence in the film, however, Dave is still determined to prove himself to everyone. With his newfound strength, he fights off the thugs with spiked batons and is recognized worldwide as Kick-Ass.

When Chris and Kick-Ass begin the fight, the two men are both shocked by the sight of each other’s injuries. The fight escalates, with both men kicking each other in the testicles. Chris offers to pay Kick-Ass so that he can leave him alone, but Kick-Ass refuses to hear him. After several punches to the head and multiple bruises on his body, Chris offers him money and asks him to leave him alone, but Kick-Ass argues that he will go to jail if he doesn’t stop beating him, and they fight again.

The second movie in the Kick-Ass series tells the story of a superhero who moonlights as a comic book fan. The main character is a teenage outcast who becomes a superhero and fights evil criminals. He meets his new friends – the comic book’s Big Daddy and Ax-Crazy daughter Hit Girl – as well as the superhero Red Mist, who steals the credit for being the first superhero. Red Mist later comes after him and kicks him out of his home.

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