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How To Find Guest Blogging Websites – 3 Easy Tips

If you want to become a guest blogger, it is essential that you know how to find the right websites. Some sites require finished articles, while others simply need ideas for content. In order to find the right sites, you will need to research the content of their sites, as well as their readers’ engagement indicators.

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Finding popular blog posts on social media

If you’re looking for a way to increase your website traffic, consider guest posting to another site with a large number of visitors. In most cases, you’ll want to aim for blogs with a Domain Authority of 50 or more. The higher the Domain Authority, the more SEO value the backlinks will provide. In addition, a higher Domain Authority means that the guest posts will attract more readers.

It’s important to find an email address for the blog owner. Typically, most blog owners have an email address in their profile, but if not, you can use tools like LinkedIn’s Hunter to find their email addresses. Another good way to find email addresses is by using Keywords Everywhere, a free Chrome extension.

Another great way to find guest blogging websites is to look at popular blog posts on social media. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find popular blog posts by topic. You can also join groups dedicated to digital marketers and find people willing to collaborate on posts. These groups can also help you find a host of opportunities for guest posting.

Oftentimes, guest blogging sites require a full draft to be submitted. It is best to stay away from sites that require you to submit a draft first. Instead, focus on the ones that offer an open invitation to pitch your article. It is also useful to find potential contacts through social media such as LinkedIn. This way, you can contact them directly.

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Finding blogs with strong root domain authority

When you find a blog to guest blog on, make sure to look at its domain authority. This is a measure of the website’s credibility. If the blog has a high root domain authority, it can help your search engine optimization efforts. It also increases traffic to your site and helps you build backlinks.

If you want to create a high-quality link, look at the domain authority and page authority of the website. Websites with a low domain authority are less likely to be high-quality. They might have a small amount of content or may not be optimized for SEO. It’s better to have many links from different sites than only a few.

Using a tool such as MozBar can help you vet the domain authority of the website you’re considering. The tool shows how many links a website has from various domains. Make sure the website has a strong root domain authority before sending your content there. Even a top position on SERPs earns a large number of links from multiple domains. If your goal is to gain high-quality links from a trusted site, guest blogging can be an excellent option.

A well-established SEO expert recommends that you reach out to HARO (human-readable online resources) as well as journalists. You can respond to their inquiries and provide novel feedback, or even reach out to high-authority podcasts.

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Crafting a winning guest posting pitch

Crafting a winning guest posting pitch for a guest blogging website isn’t an easy task. It’s similar to applying for a job. There are certain things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to know your audience. Make sure that you tailor your pitch to suit their tastes and style. Also, try to build a personal connection with the guest blogging website’s blogger. You can do this by posing a question or offering a suggestion.

A guest posting pitch should showcase how the content on the website will benefit its readers. Don’t pitch yourself as an expert. Instead, highlight your unique experiences and skills to show the value you can add to the site. Also, make your pitch unique to the site, and use your natural tone and voice to give it your best shot.

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When pitching to a guest blogging website, you must also consider the blog’s traffic. Make sure the blog’s readership matches your target audience. If the site has a low comment count and few social shares, this isn’t the best place to submit your post.

If possible, choose guest blogging sites with a high Domain Authority. This will help you achieve higher SEO benefits from your backlinks. Also, higher Domain Authority blogs have more readers. Forbes and The Huffington Post are two great examples of guest blogging websites that require real connections.

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