Best Towns to Live Near Calgary

There are a number of great places to live near Calgary, but which one will be the best for your lifestyle? Calgary is home to many diverse neighborhoods, so you can find the perfect place to fit your lifestyle. There are communities for families, young professionals, and students. Below is a list of the best towns to live near Calgary. If you’re considering relocating to Calgary, take a look at these neighborhoods.

Edgemont is one of the largest communities in Calgary, with over 17,000 residents. This area is a popular place for families with children, thanks to its good schools, playgrounds, and well-stocked libraries. Bridgeland, a community that was once known as Germantown, offers plenty of shopping, restaurants, and public parks for families to enjoy. With its own C-Train station, it’s easy to commute downtown.

The town of Airdrie is located a half-hour drive from downtown Calgary. It has all the amenities of a larger city, and is relatively inexpensive. Medicine Hat is the largest city in Alberta, and offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere without sacrificing the small-town charm. There are plenty of jobs in Alberta, and the city also boasts a low divorce rate. Aside from being close to Calgary, you’ll find plenty of good schools in nearby cities.

Erlton is another of Calgary’s inner-city communities. This neighbourhood has many apartment buildings, close to the downtown core, and an elevated escarpment that overlooks the Elbow River and the Stampede Grounds. Erlton is also a convenient place to get to work or enjoy the nightlife. The Elbow River runs through the area, and you’ll find the Repsol Sport Centre.

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