A Quick Guide to Patio Homes in Scottsdale

Scottsdale experiences hot, dry summers. The winters are cold. And people enjoy clear skies all year round. The average annual temperature ranges from 44 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 36 or rising over 111. If you plan to buy real estate in Scottsdale, then you can consider Scottsdale patio homes for sale.

Home design

A patio home is excellent if you seek a yard. Such residential options have outdoor living spaces that you can use year-round, like an outdoor kitchen and dining area, swimming pool and spa, fire pits, and grills. A patio residence has a basement or even roof gardening option. This type of real estate is popular because it allows homeowners to enjoy their property fully while saving on heating costs during winter. Moreover, such houses have basements or roof gardens where you can run your cooling system during hot summer days (or install an air conditioner). Smaller patios can be used as entertainment zones where guests gather under an umbrella while enjoying drinks or snacks on the couch.

If you’re looking for the perfect home, there are many patio homes in Scottsdale that will meet your needs. The first thing to consider when buying a new property is how much space and what amenities are important to you. Do you want an open floor plan? What type of neighborhood would suit your lifestyle best? These are just some questions before locating the right property.

Location or neighborhood

Location is prime in providing satisfaction with one’s real estate purchase. For example, if someone is searching for peace and natural surroundings, then buying property in the middle of a city won’t be a good decision.

Scottsdale is a popular place to live because it has so much going on all year round. However, depending on where you live in Scottsdale, some neighborhoods may have more amenities than others, such as restaurants or shopping options, while maintaining low crime rates and decent schools nearby. If you are searching for a place away from the city’s hustle, Scottsdale has community options that are gated, small and well-suited for 55-plus age.

What Distinguishes a Condo from a Patio?

The only similarity between condos and patios is that they share a wall with a neighbor. Condominium owners are only the owners of the inside living space. They do not own standard amenities, outdoor lawns, gardens, or walkways. Conversely, patio houses are single-family clustered residences that share a wall. Even though homes are attached, patio homeowners typically own the space on which their homes are built. This means that the homeowner owns the exterior of the property and any outlying constructions, such as fences, grass, driveways, porches, and patios.


The patio-style residences often get confused with condos or townhouses. So it is best to discuss your real estate preferences with a skilled realtor who can show you the differences and help you select the perfect option for your and your family’s needs. If you’re looking for a stylish apartment community that is also closely knit, check out Scottsdale patio homes for sale. Each complex’s unique style and amenities make it stand out from the rest. Whether you’re interested in a community with a pool or want to live near shopping centers like The Mall at University Town Center or Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale has something for everyone.

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